Sunday, May 27, 2012

Did You Say Tweetup?

We did it, we went to our very first Tweetup and met people from Twitter. And we let them see our face (didn't even wear the mask we bought!). And we're mostly okay with that. Regrets don't come easy around these parts. Nobody took pictures of us anyway, that we know of, except the couple people who were allowed. James would have never stood for it. He had a great time though, probably better than he expected he would.

So, what is a Tweetup like? From our perspective?

We drove into the suburb of Detroit from Chicago (were we had spent the previous 5 days) with @Nick_Twist in our back seat, after picking him up at the airport and having drinks in the hotel the night before we hit the road. It was cool bonding time, he's pretty awesome. [P.S. check out his art website, he's a super talented, life loving, bear of a man.]

The first night included such amazing Twitter fame as @FrauFickenDammt, @CanadianCyn, @PuddingBoobs, @stacetoned, @robyn_vo, @_Bacon_Tits_, @leahbeeyuhh, @SarahFemme, @ChemBtwnUs@ConfusedLush and @Cool_Jesse

There was drinking, once we finally managed to locate them after getting lost, (Detroit is confusing!) at TGI Friday's, and eventually a late night trip for eats right before the hotel security gave yet another noise warning to the group. 

The second night brought @LisaH9591@PlatinumShower (very briefly), @RobbyRob313 @AdrianasWords, @nothingkitten, @samyspaz ..and probably others, it wasn't always clear. And who could forget the beautiful @Alyssa_Jolie (she spent a lot of time on our lap).

Just like how it works in "Real Life" interaction, alcohol proves to be the required social lubricant for fun with "strangers" (for us anyway...) And of course, people are way more fun drunk. Right?

Even if they didn't like us it didn't matter. Chances are some didn't. Statistically it's impossible for everyone to like each other at a Tweetup. Especially when it's people who hate people. Nick Twist described it perfectly on the car ride in. "We're all people who don't trust people. We shouldn't trust each other, but we do. But we don't. And I'd kill any of you if I had to." (that's a paraphrase, but you get the idea)

Anyway, there were of course some hookups (we won't tell who), and friendships made with lots of hugging, smooches (the friendly kind), bonding, sharing, and...more hugging. And drinking. So much drinking.

The great thing about people being themselves on Twitter is that when you meet them, you know them, sometimes you know more about them than the people they deal with in life outside of Twitter love them, all the dirty, angry, sad, violent, honest and amazing words you see in 140 characters or less at a time...the face behind it, is beautiful. If you're not a dick anyway.

Would we do it again? Probably. Depends. Don't know. It was interesting. It was fun. It was exhausting.

Shout out in blog form to our long time favourite men, just in case they read this entry: Jesse, Lushy and guys are great...even when you're not. (and James adores you all)


Tonight we're in Cleveland, it's the next stop on our month long road trip. Two days from now we'll be camping in a New York State Park in New York State. It will be relaxing to be away from big cities for awhile, and we have new sketching pens and a fresh new sketchbook to pass the time. And we'll be attempting to canoe with James...for him and us it will only be the second time we've ever canoed...should be interesting. Also, we've never set up a tent with him, and the new one we bought is pretty big.

We can barely wait for the bickering.

Thanks for reading today, this is mostly so we had a place where everyone we met at our very first Tweetup could be listed.

Hey, guess what. This weekend we crossed the 10,000 follower mark, one year and seven months after starting our account, without having ever shown our boobs, or vagina.
That's pretty cool...even if you don't think it is.


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