Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Review and a Word on Minding Your Own Business

Our blog post today will be here: - it's a review of a restaurant we ate at in Colchester called The Green Room...full with pictures (food porn!) and all.

We were thinking of doing a blog post about recent immigration issues we're going to have to deal with, so that James can eventually be here with us permanently (so we don't have to keep going back and forth between countries). It wasn't the greatest of news we got today, we'll have to write about it tomorrow.

We're exhausted what with the meeting with the immigration lawyer, and James is having some pain issues from the vasectomy he had before we left England and that's concerning me, and then we landed on a blog (one we have actually visited a few times, that tries to disprove Dissociative Identity Disorder) because we were doing a search for a recent Dr. Phil episode about DID that a friend from Twitter was asking about - she's busy and we wanted to try to search for the YouTube links for her, if there were any - we don't actually plan on watching much of it, we live with it and don't feel the need to concern ourselves with the woman and what people are saying. Anyway, most people will have an opinion on it, of course, like it affects them personally or something, and it's likely unless they live with it, or know someone who does/has, they will have nothing but negative things to say about it. We don't need negativity. We've got someone who creates our own for the system to deal with (not to mention the fantastic world of Twitter).

Like with anything, if mental health issues don't impact you personally, for instance if you deal with it, or a loved one does, then why worry about and judge how other people's lives and brains. Do you live in their head, experience their day-to-day struggles or triumphs, have you had the past that they have had?

Probably not. Definitely not. So why try to make their life more difficult.

~ Frank et al

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