Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Couple Of Days Off

It's been hard to write...anything. With some "writers block" and the nearly insurmountable disappointment with things we have been seeing and hearing in the United States news...we're taking a couple of days off (that's the plan anyway).

Tomorrow we will post a guest post written by our regular guest blogger, published author, mental health professional and friend, Kerry Stott. (We're still looking for more guest writers for Mental Health Month - it's nearly half over!)

Today we are watching The Mother, via the wonders of steaming video and television broadcasting, get her Masters degree from a local University.
Tomorrow is (American) Mother's Day. (in other parts of the world it is celebrated in different months)
We'll be spending it with her for the first time in seven years.

While we have a sordid history with her, we also understand that she has tried to make up for it (at least half us understand, anyway). We know, given our knowledge of her as a person, that the nice things she does is out of guilt, but we are fortunate at this time in our life, as times in the past, that she is here for us as "adults" when we need her, despite the fact she wasn't, in so many ways, for so many years, as children. We try not to take advantage of it. We buy our own food, clean up after ourselves, and do as much as we can, while taking refuge in her basement - including attempting to stay out of her way when she wants, and be company for her when she wants someone to talk to; which works fine, because while we live in her house, as well as when we don't, she is not one to inquire as to our well being, or take much interest in our life, unless it affects her. It's the way she is. It's the way she has always been. We each love her, in our own varying ways. She is mom. She is the only one we get to have.

It's always mixed emotions, feelings, thoughts, and beliefs when it comes to being in her house - it's been a struggle to get back into the swing of us, since getting back late Monday night. We feel even less like ourselves as usual, but knowing it is once again temporary helps. We will be returning to Europe the first week in August (more to come soon on that).

But as we've learned in life, over and over, it's not always easy, there are things you have to do that are sometimes the only option for survival.

Until the next time we write...

Happy Mother's Day, all you Mothers. Be as good of ones as you can.
And for those of you have an "over attentive" Mother, one that concerns herself with your lives, maybe nags a bit about your love life, your job, your living situation...listens to you, calls you a couple of times a month...cares about your future, your general and mental health...
Hold her.
Give her a hug for us.
And stop being fucking ungrateful; be thankful for the mom you have, because not everyone has the same kind you do, or one at all.

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