Sunday, May 20, 2012

Journal Entry: To Chicago

Dinner with The Father last night was good, not sure we remember the whole thing, but good talks. We enjoy spending time with him.

Later we showed James around the downtown area of the city where we graduated high school and went for a two hour walk. He seemed to enjoy it and said that it make him feel more positive about having to stay America some day (in order to be with us). That's a really good thing.

A great breakfast that sustained us through the day...we tried to fix a headache with a light snack and water but our head continue to pounds.

Tonight we arrived outside of Chicago, we're getting ready to take a drive in. James seems apprehensive, deflated by what he has seen so far, the closer we get to Chicago.
It's tough to convince all of us to have a good time, particularly when he is cranky, when we all didn't want to take this trip, and after about 8 hours cooped up in a car.


We get to east pizza Chicago. So, to the rest of us, suck it up, buttercups...because Chicago pizza.

More tomorrow, after we scout out some Chicago neighbourhoods/do a little house hunting.


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