Thursday, March 29, 2012

Random Babble Part One Million Pounds

Sunny Day Again!

Despite the fact we lost our wallet yesterday we are in a good mood. The debit card has been canceled, and the drivers license in replaceable. It's our fault anyway, we don't listen to ourselves and it fell out of our jacket was only a thin plastic case with two sleeves in it, after all. We have nobody to blame but our inability to listen to each other.

As we are in a fairly good mood we are going outside to play in the sun.

Actually, walk to get a proper cup of coffee and then meet James at the grocery store that is a nice walk away, because someone has been stressing about our weight, even though many of think it's fine, she keeps moaning about it...and we know upon the return of Emmie, whenever that may be, we will be given an ear (head?) full about letting "her" body put on extra weight - though we don't have a scale to weigh ourselves, we figure we have put the weight we put off when we first got to England, back on. Though our jeans still slide onto our butt, just a little more tightly than usual.

We also figure more exercise (not that we're a complete lazy ass...most of us anyway) will alleviate some of the terrible pain we have been having again.

So with that in mind we have taken to forcing ourselves into the outdoors and taking long walks to the grocery this week (opting for the one much further than the one where we purchase our coffee), which round trip is about three miles. And it also means we get to meet James for lunch everyday, so that's nice too.

Tomorrow we leave for Kerry's for another weekend visit, and tomorrow is James' last day of work, and Sunday is his 36th birthday, which means cake and wine and extra calories. Maybe another hike up Mount Ida is in order to shave some of the wobbly fat off of our ass.

Fascinating, right?


Everything we write can't be fucking gold.

~ et al

<this entry was scheduled to post at the end of the day>

Added at 10:35 pm - 12 hours later and we can't make sense...sentences partial as they tumble from our lips. Apparently we're cranky...but there is just too much noise and our faculties are crumbling. James goes on about he is "so lucky"...threaded with deep sarcasm, but says we're still there's that.
We need lift.

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