Sunday, April 1, 2012

Another Weekend In Cumbria

Tomorrow we leave our weekend in Cumbria and go back to Essex, the county in England where we have been living the last two and a half month. James is unemployed now, and may have some opportunities on the horizon, none of which we'll mention...we'd hate to jinx anything. But we won't hold our breath.

It's been another lovely weekend with the Stotts, though the ride up to Cumbria was a bit rough, rougher than the last time.

Again with the car sickness.

We've mucked out barns of maggot laden shit, birthed sheep and goats (meaning we've had our hands in their birth canals...), we've gutted out animals after killing them. We've cleaned up disgusting indoor pet waste, dealt with human...stuff; we love (or at least last time we were at a theme park, before our car accident) rollercoasters; but get some of us in a car these says and all of a sudden we're ready to lose our dinner of Stabursts and cheese nips all over the passenger foot well.

The trip home will be dosed with motion sickness pills and we will be making plenty of stops for taking pictures. We haven't taken many photos this weekend, unlike last time. This trip has been very relaxing, with naps (which we don't generally take), lounging around and just being in the same building with beautiful souls. Relaxing.

Today was James' 36th birthday and we, along with him, made brunch for Kerry's family. Eggs Benedict from scratch (the first time she's ever had it!) with sautéed cherry tomatoes, onions and garlic; and grapes.

There is nothing much to report, it's been a bit wavy in our brain but all in all a nice time. We just wanted to make sure we posted today because all of a sudden we remembered we write here...even though it's only been about two days, it feels like so much longer...and a bit like we lost something...for some reason.

Happy April 1st, dear readers...and until next time. XO

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