Friday, April 20, 2012

He Laughs

Frankie (us) & James at the beach
Frinton, England March, 2012
He says he laughs because he has to. Sometimes he says he laughs otherwise he'd cry. Other days, and often, he laughs because he thinks we're hilarious, genuinely funny.

He loves us.

Today was difficult. We can see it in his eyes. Or rather could, because he is sleeping now.
Today he laughed a lot and said often enough that he has to laugh.
We know. We know he can be honest with us, and we with him. It's what makes our relationship work.

I apologized for us being difficult today, the last couple of days, even though I was not entirely to blame (didn't spend all day with him, or yesterday), but the part about how we communicate now, in our system, inside of ourselves, and how we have healed and decided to try work together (not always easy), makes it so we accountable, for each other, and individually for ourselves.

He is sweet, tells us that we are allowed to feel how we feel, and feel confused about why we feel the way we do. He lets us all be us, whenever we are who we are.

He laughs, because he loves a "crazy girl".

~ Ivy (et al)

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