Sunday, April 22, 2012

Another Day of Thanks

Another day, another hotel, another opportunity to be thankful we have a bed to sleep in.

[If this doesn't make sense,'s too much work to explain in detail.
In short, we are temporarily living in England, The boyfriend sold his flat, the sale completed a week after he didn't get a big contract renewed, and having owed his ex-wife some money, gave the proceeds of the sale to her. Not being in a place where we can take him back to the States with us yet, we wait...shifting from inexpensive hotel, to inexpensive hotel, while he tries to pick up contract work to provide food and shelter for himself, and us until...well, we're not sure yet.]

We can do nothing but have faith that next week James will nab another contract so we can enjoy a nice hot meal. Until then, creativity and water. At least we have crackers and bread, and the aforementioned bed. The hotels have been fairly decent, and for the low cost of usually around £35-40 a decent breakfast for James, and us, is included. We figure that drops the average price of the room, per night, by £10-15, and provides a good start to an otherwise food-light day.

We could be going home in two weeks time. We plan to go visit our good friend Kerry, in Cumbria, who had surgery two days ago. We hope to cook her some meals and pamper her a bit, before we fly back over the pond.

Time has been spent aimlessly, mostly, from what we can gather. We're been working on poetry a lot more the last week or so, we've even added a new one to our poetry blog. Somehow when the right combination of us gets stressed we seem to fall into some sort habitual rhyming place. However we can manage stress, we do.

Our adventure now has an adventure inside of it; the limbo is not very fun, but we try to make it so. The hardest part is trying to keep James' spirits up, as he tends to be hard on himself. So naturally most of us threaten him with violence, as any good girlfriend would do. It seems to work. Smiles all around.

It could be worse. It could be much worse. Having said that, it doesn't mean we belittle the experience we are having, only try to draw from it any positive aspect we can.

Plus, you know, being homeless and poor is a great relationship builder.

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