Friday, April 6, 2012

A Peek Into Id, Ego and Super-Ego

And here in sits the problem.

We write, obviously, here, on Twitter, on our many outlets around the internet...and people who don't know we share a body AND an account (though we have other accounts floating around Twitter, all tagged so people know it's us [as far as we know], because otherwise we'd think WE'RE creepy); who know nothing about Dissociative Identity Disorder/Multiple Personality Disorder, who think it's similar to the common id, ego and super ego - which are all parts of one person, and one set of experiences - and something of which every singular person on earth has, as per Freud's structure of the psyche and modern psychology. A person dealing with DID/MPD can have anywhere from 2 to over 100 personalities inside them, with the average being 10 (hey, we're pretty average, that means we're NORMAL! Yay! *throws streamers* We have ten, a possible 11th, but that's all part of mapping therapy, not the subject today).

Why the problem in people not understanding the difference between the "normal" constructs of the human mind and the constructs of personalities in DID/MPD? Because everybody starts to think they have it, and any sort of awareness and advancement of studying it, in order to help people learn to live happily with the people they have become, is blurred, and becomes murky. Living with it is not a complete hell, but it's not always a picnic either, and any sort of help that we can provide by educating people, and sharing our experiences of life with it, and how it works in our brain and body, are steps forward in being able to "treat" people in the future.

[for more info on causes and healing DID read: Treating and Healing Dissociative Identity Disorder located on this blog, there are many things written here too, with sources cited]

Some day soon we'd like to research the structures of the psyche and DID/MPD, for our own fun and entertainment, because some of us (smarted people) have a hypothesis about personalities in DID having the id, ego and super-ego to begin with. The existence of the disorder seems to be in part the lack of developing it by the appropriate age (age five), or at all - which is due to trauma and abuse in most every case of the documentation of the "disorder".

Another thing about id, ego and super ego is it exists in the mind, not in the fabric of the brain. Meaning there are no links to the nervous system in the "Me, Myself & I" construct of Id, Ego and Super-Ego; whereas in DID/MPD there are actual alterations to the biology of the brain and body between personalities, meaning linguistic skills, learning patterns, chemistry, mental and emotional development, facial structure (sometimes). It's not uncommon for personalities to have allergies, food intolerance, pain levels (very common), etc., that the others do not share.

And then...

Wait now, what the hell were we saying? Right...the things that come out of our account don't always match with what was "said" yesterday.

At least one of us thinks our life doesn't suck, we don't all agree. Some of us are nicer than others, some of us dislike each other, we don't all like the same people we interact with in the outside world.

Yesterday you probably though your life was great, but maybe you don't today. Who knows how your brain works. We know Cassandra isn't always happy with our life, as well as Catherine, but Ivy is in love with out life, and well...we won't do a roll-call on who thinks what about our life, because you're probably bored by now, if you made it this far...

In the end is occasional "inconsistencies" in what we say, how we act, what we feel, we all have our own opinions, our own existence. Is it a problem? Only if you think of us as one person. And then...even then, it doesn't really effect YOU...does it.

This entry had dual purposes, not intentionally but by design of our babble. As always we come here and free write what's in our brain (not just to piss and moan about life), and conversation we have with each other, and more often than not, so we have a place to remember, to relay information to each other. And now we know that we have some fun research we can do in the future...when life slows down, when we are less stressy-pants, more grounded. Perhaps when we return to the states, because right now, the floating around we will be doing come Tuesday, for the next month, is not conducive to doing any serious research and learning.

Happy Friday, or whatever day it may be that you are reading this. Also, Easter...and bunnies...and chocolate. We're not religious, some of us used to be...but that's an entry for the weekend...all about Jesus.

~ et al
Quick primer on Id, Ego and Super-Ego, it's a very basic description of each, with volumes written, if you so choose to research and learn.

Id-the impulsive, child-like portion of the psyche that operates on the "pleasure principle" and only takes into account what it wants and disregards all consequences.
Id is equivalent to the devil sitting on one's shoulder.

Super-Ego-plays the critical and moralizing role in the psyche, aims for perfection, includes ego's ideals, punishes misbehavior with feelings of guilt.
Super-ego is equivalent to the angel on one's shoulder.

Ego- the organized, realistic portion on the psyche that acts according to the "reality principle" and seeks to please the id’s drive in realistic ways that will benefit in the long term rather than bringing grief.
Ego is equivalent to one's conscience.

[Primer source:]

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