Thursday, April 5, 2012

Two Hots and A Cot of Adventure

Tuesday morning...we'll be in for some excitement.

Where will we sleep Tuesday night? Where will we cook meals? (many of us don't like eating out, we get stomach aches from most restaurant food, meaning we have to be careful about selection...sometimes we win, sometimes we lose). Where will we sleep Wednesday night? Could be London, could be Bristol (UK), could be Scotland, could be Germany...could be anywhere in Europe. James has opened up his geographic flexibility to the employment agencies...a week here, a couple of days there (contract/consultant work). For the next month we will be...who knows. Not in the flat. The keys are being handed over on Tuesday morning. The sale is finally final.

James is busy looking for some short-term contract work to get us through another month in England (longer, if he gets a good opportunity) because he can't work in the states; and in addition we can't go back just yet. It's all about timing our return because he is only allowed in the United States for 6 months out of 12, and he's already been there for three in the last six. You see where we're going with that. Hopping back and forth until required paperwork is completed. Which could, and will, take over a year.

As with much of the last 6 months, there is a lot in the air. Unstable ground below us. His flat sale is complete, which is why we have to relocate for the next month in England, and since he is getting no proceeds from it there is no cushion.

We're managing fairly well. We're not going to blow smoke up your ass and say it's all peaches and sunshine over here. Mostly we want to curl in a ball. Thankfully we have each other (as in our system) to pull us around. And Twitter to distract us.

A Spring of adventure. And you're coming along.

On the upside, wherever we land will have a shower, and possibly a fridge...something we have gone without since mid-January (except when spending the weekends with Kerry, and once with @Serenity_x). We're pretty excited about the shower prospects.

Until we figure out a place, even temporary, entries here on this blog may be random, unusual, non-existent and/or excessive.

This is our outlet, after all. In the meantime, poke around all you want, there are volumes written in the pages of this blog, some scandalous stories of our depravity, some recording of ubnfortunate points in our lives involving abuse of various types, and other tragedies, some ramblings of lunacy, some poetry and painting, some happiness, some of everything.

Anyone in Europe need a PHP Web Developer/SEO Consultant? He can start immediately! <shameless employment plug>

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