Thursday, April 26, 2012

Moving On and Staying Positive

We've been staying in this hotel for four days, tonight will be night four, and the final night.

Can't say we'll miss this one. The first one, and our favourite one, has been too expensive to stay in since last week - even though this one is managed by the same company (Old English Inns). This one is the third we've stayed at managed by that company, and it is by far the lowest quality building, and the breakfast that comes with the room is the least nice. But it's also the least expensive.

It definitely has some character, the floors in the halls are buckled, the ceiling in the room are sagging, and nothing is even anywhere. Our head has about an inch or less clearance in the bathroom. It is...unique.

We're going to stay with one of James' cousins for a long weekend.

This makes us nervous. This time not because it's new people to meet (though that's part of it), but some of us hate to be an imposition, and always have a feeling that something should be expected of us for the exchange of room and board. We can always offer to make dinner, so that's something...but then, we're not all good at cooking, and that causes stress.

Most of us also hate being forced to socialize, which is always an expectation when a guest in someone's house.

But thankfully we will have an opportunity for proper hot lunches or dinners again, to appease the spoiled brats inside. We nabbed a sandwich maker from storage, the only functional thing we saved from the kitchen at James' flat, so we've been making sandwiches in the bathroom because the room is so small and we don't want to set off the smoke detector, which we realized was the danger the first night we used it.

Moving on. James has at least one contract opportunity on the table, so we're hoping he gets that because all sorts of deadlines we have are butting up against each other and creating a big crunch, and massive headaches, and behavior problems, and stress...and...and...and.

Either we'll be going back to the states in a couple of weeks, or relocating to a more permanent place. Some of us love it, some of us hate it, some of us are entirely indifferent to the whole situation. Staying positive...easy, hard, depends on the day, hour, minute.

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