Sunday, April 8, 2012

Waves of Euphoria

Two more nights in the flat, and then...well, still no idea where we are going.

It's incredibly difficult to decide on a location when you have no real destination in mind.

James could get a contract any day, for any location, and we would have to pick up and go there, no matter where we decide to lay our head Tuesday night.

At least we seem to be in good spirits, if good spirits feels like you're going mad. The sudden and short bursts of euphoria, and waves of anger, followed by confusion are exhausting. Particularly mixed with playful "threats" of physical violence to James. So. Fun.

We were working on an Easter post for today, but it proves to be incomplete, and we cannot locate it's final directions, so sit and wait it shall. The gist, it's about religion, and Jesus as a real man who existed in history, and how easy it would be to start a very similar religion, based on the same principles, that people would some day follow with the same fervor as they follow Christianity today; as was done by the people who formed Christianity, a religion whose base is starkly similar to ancient religions that came before it, though with different deities in mind.

But instead, Happy Easter, Zombie Jesus Day, Bank Holiday, Sunday...

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