Monday, March 19, 2012


So restless.

We're officially staying in England at least a month longer than planned, until sometime in May. We put James in charge of the return, and since he has a good job he wants to stick with it longer. We told The Father, mostly because he inquired about us returning home for Angry Brother's wedding next month...nobody else has really inquired. We're not sure how we feel about this, some are happy though, some are sad.

At least we'll have a few extra weekends to explore England. We're anxious to return to the states though, to start traveling and exploring the United States with James, and look at real estate in Chicago (our hopeful landing spot, eventually). The house sale went that's a hurtle passed.

Hopefully soon James' flat sale will be finalized too. It's so stressful knowing we are moving any week, it could be any day...we're just where? No idea really. But the sale of James' flat has been delayed months...the solicitor (what they call a lawyer here) says it should be any day...waiting.

The nice thing will be getting a place with a fridge. It's starting to get warmer on average and the kitchen is no longer a decent cold storage room. Two months without a fridge. It makes storing fresh meats, fruits and vegetables harder, but we've learned you can store yogurt outside of a fridge for literally weeks in a cool room and it's still completely edible.

Thankfully it's been a  few days since we've had too much...mental anguish...we guess, is the best way to put it. It feels like longer but somewhere in the a corner of our brain it whispers that it's only been since Friday...when we wanted to curl in a ball and never wake up, and ended the night eating half a pizza, a small container of ice cream (it was only 300g, a tiny container, but it was laden with calories...Heston Salted Caramel good) and then drank a bottle of wine, falling asleep crying while James snored blissfully next to us. We are the queens of holding composure to the breaking point, he never ever knows...and we can sob quieter than a cat stalks it's prey.

Today we feel stable, sort of...nothing is interesting to us, we're unsure of movement. We're going to try to go outside and take pictures, push aside the anxiety.

So restless.
Just trying to maintain.

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  1. Chicago, you say? Perfect! Only a quick trip on Amtrak & I can be at your door. That would be so lovely. The only thing that could be better would be if Kerry (and her family) got a MUCH LARGER house and we all move in with her!
    Hang in there, Ms. Frankie, I'm thinking that your live is about to be even more amazing (and better, and funnier, and...).