Friday, March 9, 2012

A Week In Review

Finally we get to head to Cumbria for the weekend, which is in Northern England, after last weekends cancellation, to visit Kerry Stott, our guest blogger, friend, mental health nurse and so much more. We're excited and nervous...nervous because it will be a five hour drive in experimenting with overcoming a new case of motion sickness in moving vehicles (more on that: Mind Over Matter In Motion and More So, fingers crossed for no vomiting.

So, no real writing for a couple of days. This weeks highlights include: (as usual most links in this blog are internal, or to other blogs we maintain, and generally indicate when they are not)

Our Guest Blogger Writes About How Risk Feels
We Don't Read Your Blogs
So, You Wanna Be A Favstar Whore
Respecting Religion, We Have A View On That

As usual you can pass up trying to sifting through the nearing 500 entries (some which are admittedly crap, in some of our opinions), if you want to read more, and go straight to the over a year of highlights we've selected by vising the RECOMMENDED ENTRIES tab above.

If you want to see photos and writing we have done so far of our time in England check out Our Frank Adventures (

There's also a ton of other stuff to link to from here, and read, some to other people's blogs and some stuff you won't find in the recommended reading namely a compilation of entries we've written about our life, organized in chronological-type order, to illustrate, well...some of our life experiences before starting this blog.

If you don't give a fuck, just type some random crap in the browser address bar, or go back to Twitter and bitch.

Have a fantabulous weekend!

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