Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Meeting More People

Going to visit a couple of James' (The Boyfriend) friends this afternoon, they are a couple. We are told we will like them.

When James decided he was coming to see us in the states last year, before we started dating, he told some of his friends and family about our "disorder". We are not sure why, and no, we were not thrilled with it...but we manage to keep it in the back of our head. Never mind that a woman he works with searched his name on Google and found the link between us, and him a few weeks ago, and now reads our blog (hi, btw...). Sure this makes at least one of us uneasy...but James tells her not to worry, he will protect her (and us). She puts a lot of faith in him. (not that he can't do his best to protect us...but we've never had anybody outside our system do that).

Many many months later, after telling some of his friends and family, we are visiting and meeting some of them (not sure if they are ones that he told). We have it in the back of our mind, that they might know...she whispers it it...where before we could have just been us (and came off as a funny, strange, weird-o who has occasional social interaction issues and says stuff that seems uncharacteristic of who "she" is, but is attractive so it passes as just being quirky and fun, and "who is this person?"). (ick) But then we suppose, that's a bit like hiding...and acting like a "freak". (Seriously though, we are SO good at maintaining...sober.)

But going into a situation where we don't know them, but they know we are us...and...well...we just hope when the time comes the right us, or combination of, are greeting them. Otherwise it could be embarrassing, for us - not James, he doesn't get embarrassed by us easily.

It's important to us that we can get along with the friends James finds important. Despite us having very few friends (we have each other), the only friends he has, that we don't share, are very few...and while we can assure you that he's thrilled with that, we being his primary social life (sarcasm, people), we know he needs some semblance of a social life outside of our's healthy, and normal, even for someone who is mostly anti-social.

*fingers crossed* we get to meet new people tonight. Yay. *throws lazy apprehensive streamers*

~Ivy et al

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