Friday, March 2, 2012

A Weekend Trip and A Thank You

A Spring Day in England  - March 1, 2012
The outskirts of the neighborhood where we have been staying.
Yesterday was beautiful, and today we're supposed to be going to Cumbria to visit a friend, Twitter follower and our guest blogger, Kerry Stott. (@kerrystott)

We're pretty excited. While we've had a Skype "conference" with her a time or two, we've yet to meet her in person. She will be the second person from Twitter, not including The Boyfriend, who we have met over the past year.

Of course the car wouldn't start this morning, so who knows what's going to happen now. Maybe we'll end up staying in our county of Essex (hopefully not) and still take the weekend off from writing. (Less likely to happen if we stay  "home".)

<Update, car needed new starter so postponed our trip until next weekend.>

In the meantime, we really wanted to take this time to thank all the people who have read our blog so far. This past week we hit over 101,000 page views from over 20,000 people - the counter was down when we went to look for an exact number, but I recall the last time I checked it was over 23,000 unique visitors. <update 1:37am  GMT - counter back up says over 29,000>

Had nobody been reading our blog we would have continued on journaling our life, like we had for the months before people started really reading at the end of 2010, months after we started our Twitter account, no doubt - or we'd be dead, and that's not a joke; but our readers, and the friends we have made both through Twitter and this blog, people who we have helped in some way or another, with personal struggles, or have simply entertained, have helped us through so many dark times in the last year.

From the sharing of our journey and coming to terms with the various abuse and trauma throughout our life; to this last year of mental difficulties and unraveling; the tough (and messed up) relationships with friends and lovers; from getting unfairly fired from our job; meeting the man through this blog and Twitter for the first time, who eventually became our boyfriend; the day we found a great new job, and then shortly after found our we had to leave the country where we had been living for seven years and move in with The Mother...and now in the UK with us, and so much more; and all of our other writing we've done here about our life, current events, social media, sex, food, art and history; all the laughs and good times - mostly on Twitter...

Our readers, our friends, people whose lives we have touched, if even for a brief moment, who we never would have had the chance to meet or know; we thank each and every one of you, even if was only one entry you read.

You can roll your eyes all you want, but on this side of the computer sits grateful people.

~Frank et al

P.S. Fuck The Haters.

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