Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Two Weeks, More Change

It's official, two weeks (April 10th) and we have to be out of the flat.
Three days, roughly, and James is unemployed.

Word is not officially out on our return to the states, James will still be looking for a new job, now with the ability to relocate to anywhere in the UK for the chance to stay in England a little longer. (anybody need a website programmer, freelance or otherwise? Think that's what he does anyway...)

Returning to the states right now is not opportune, James will only be able to stay for 90 days with a Visa Waiver, he won't be able to work, and the funds from our house sale (he is getting nothing from the flat sale), so we can comfortably return with him, or buy a house, won't clear for about another 60-90 days...so, for now most of us are hoping to be able to stay in England, at least another month, because it's just starting to be spring, and very beautiful, and sunny, and we haven't seen as much as we'd like to...and all the waits for us in the United States is The Mother's basement...

But then, some of us are excited to be going back.

This weekend we are going to visit our friend Kerry Stott again, having had such a fun time last time we visited her and her family a couple of weeks ago. We want to see her at least once again, before we leave England, and before she goes in to the hospital for an operation...plus there is so much more of Cumbria to see.

All and all having some dates in mind regarding the flat, and James' job, makes things less stressful in some ways, more stressful in others...now we wait to see if he can find another one, and if he can't in about a weeks time then we will be booking the flights back to the United States.

Our plans for the year are not going as exactly as planned, but when do they ever. Despite the stress and anxiety, most of us are fairly resilient...so we'll just keep on trucking...or burning rubber...or crashing into walls. Whichever.

~ et al

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