Friday, March 23, 2012


Photograph we took last week of local flowers.
(c) 2012 Frank et al
It's Friday...we're still battling the headache we started getting last night, it's grown stronger (we're knowingly displacing the worry and stress) we won't be writing today on any of our blogs, because if it does go away we are going to enjoy our Friday night and maybe go to a movie, or go for a long night walk with James and hold hands, but definitely go somewhere for dinner.

The weather is amazing today, sunny and 17° C (62° F) with very little wind and moderate (53%) humidity. English spring perfection.

There's lots to read around here, have a poke around. Start with the recommended tab, if you are so inclined.

And be happy for life, even if it's never the easiest thing in the world...

Not full of snark today, yet, not full of wit, yet...just bare bones

~ Cassandra

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