Thursday, March 22, 2012

Toppled Into a Pile of Headache

All things house and property related are fucked. James (The Boyfriend) came home stressed about his flat sale going poorly, and we held together to be supportive...then came our turn later in communications with the lawyer and the tax people of the country we ("I") and selling the house in. Finality of the sale will be likely delayed three months...we were sort of counting on it being completed within a couple of more weeks. The time difference means we get our fucking from "life" right before bed. Such a massive headache. Thankfully Ivy wrote an upbeat type post earlier this morning. If you haven't read it it was just posted...


It's all a further delay in everything, our travels around the USA, finding a house to settle in so we don't have to live with The Mother for too long once we get back to the states...James having to leave within three or so months after we return anyway...


He, James, fears his contract might not be renewed, a monthly employment agreement he has with the company he works for...meaning he'll be unemployed again...and, well, we have to be out of the flat in a bit over two weeks.


We got a concrete date for relocating, two weeks from Tuesday we have to be out of the flat...our only hope is wherever we go we have a fridge and a shower. *fingers crossed*


Random. Scattered...this post is more for us than anything. Writing often times feels like it prevents the shit from hitting the proverbial fan.


Thank all that is living that we have distractions...hopefully they can be the dam we need so that we can be the dam James needs...


  1. Thank you my Angels for being strong and supportive for me. I know you need me to be for you all too and I am trying. We will be OK though. One way or another it will eventually sort itself out and we'll be where we want to be and we'll always be together (or at least one of us dead...).
    I love you, all. Thank you.
    James XOXO

  2. Hang in there, my ever-resourceful friends-- it WILL all work out. As my Mom says, expect the worst and hope for the best. I always though that she was being overly pessimistic. As the years have worn on (and I know my Mom more and more as a person) I have found that her thought holds true. But I also know that I have to believe in hope, love and that everything will turn out fine in the end. The two of you have had more crappy-ass "challenges" than either of you bargained for on that first tweet to each other, but I will argue that you met and became a couple for a reason and that is stronger than a job or a real estate problem (as majorly ugly as those are).