Sunday, March 18, 2012

Life Is Not A Subtweet

We know what you're thinking...but you said it's not.
Both are true.
This should be called something like "More reasons to get over yourself, and other subtweets."

Subtweets are a huge "thing" on Twitter...if you're not spending your time making up asinine jokes, or trying to rehash them in clever ways, many people think that most or all Tweets are related to things being read on Twitter, or about someone on Twitter. As if people there don't actually have a life that exists off of the computer.

Guess what, we almost live on the internet, but even we have a life offline. Like a boyfriend, and we even leave the house...and we go out among people (sometimes unwillingly)...we go to stores and out to eat. You know, a life...remember that? (that's a We're what you'd call one of those annoying "live-Tweeters" opposed to the dead ones. (haha) (live-tweeting, as in we sometimes tweet about life encounters, sometimes in the moment, or right after it...sometimes from the past, as opposed to Tweeting jokes and random thoughts unrelated to one's current surroundings.)

Meanwhile, we've been asked this week, or have encountered Tweets this week, asking what a subtweet is. So here you go:

A subtweet is a "passive-aggressive" Tweet supposedly written about someone ON Twitter, who is unidentified. Like a subliminal message.

Here's the thing...they are also called THOUGHTS. Just like in real life. They are just written down, like all the other (lame) thoughts about vagina, penis, sex, being horny, hungry, sleepy, ect, and shared with a multitude of people. They are people's thoughts.

And before you get all "Yeah, but they are about people on Twitter, in lieu of actually @ing the person, or people, the thought, people are just writing it in a Tweet, so nobody knows who it's about."

Don't fucking act like you're that bad of a bitch/asshole that you actually say all of your negative, or even positive, thoughts to the people you are thinking them about in "real life"...and then expect those who use Twitter to be any different.

And don't forget, sometimes a "subtweet" is JUST A TWEET. Sometimes it's an addition to a Tweet viewed as a singular entity. Sometimes it's a response to offline stimuli, experiences, ect. Sometimes it's a response to something somebody experienced hours, days, YEARS ago, and they are simply thinking about it. And yes, sometimes they are about people on Twitter. But who the fuck cares. Seriously. For real.

Here is a recent example, from last night, on how easy it is for people to misunderstand, or misinterpret, a simple Tweet.

Last night we were trying to sleep early, we hadn't gotten much sleep the night before, had a day FULL of failure, involving trying to accomplish two easy tasks, and it taking 10 hours to end up exactly where we started. Laying in bed we couldn't get the conversations in our brain to shut off, so we turned to Twitter...

Here's the funny thing. The @ responses were completely off base, people assumed we were talking about someone on Twitter, that it was a statement on thinking (using one's brain) or turning off Twitter...

In reality these tweets were about insomnia and turning out brain off so we could sleep.

So, this is an illustration.

Some times a Tweet, is just a fucking Tweet.

Respond how you will, but the words only means what you want it to mean, how your brain interprets it.

It's not all, and hardly ever is, about you, or anyone you know.

Twitter is a platform for an exchange of thoughts, emotions and feelings, in words. If you can't stand your interpretation, get off Twitter.

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