Thursday, March 22, 2012

Frank Mental Health

A graphic I designed specifically for the website.
There are, however, variations in existence that I made for t-shirts.
Here's the thing...we're trying to start a new website...with a dedicated Twitter account...and a Facebook page. A mental health website for people all over the internet to come together, share their stories, whether they have a blog, or not.

We've told a few people about it, have some support from a few friends in the mental health field, but now we're telling you, because we know that some people who read our blog struggle with mental health, have their own blogs, or a desire to write about it. Plus, Mental Health Awareness Month is fast approaching (May), in a little over a month, at which time we want to be able to really support the website, as well feature a few guest bloggers on this blog.

Here's the real thing. When I saw "we're", it really just me...nobody else in the system really wants to have anything to do with it, though I can usually get one of the twins, or Frank (she's totally not around enough though) to check the @'s and monitor all the parts of it, and RT relevant information. The others don't care, don't want to help others...

What's the website?

Frank Mental Health -

So, what is it?
"[Frank Mental Health] is the future home of a mental health awareness and a creative therapy campaign, a place for people to come together and share their stories of struggles, battles, survival, conquers and more, with mental health.
This is a future hub for blogs being written about mental health issues around the internet, to be collected and shared with the world.
This is where creative therapy comes to the forefront, as an effective way to help overcome struggles with mental health.
The people who share their stories, art and words here are not ill, they are powerful, they use words and creativeness to help fight their battles. They deserve to be heard and respected." (taken from the webpage)
Sums it up...

It's got it's own Twitter account: @BeMentallyAware (@FrankMentalHealth was too many characters), as well as it's own Facebook page: and a cool badge for people to use to show support on their blog and/or webpage...available over on the website. It also has a Blog Hub, a sort of collection of mental health blogs, that will hopefully grow exponentially (you can even suggest a blog and I/we can even credit you for the suggestion!)

It's going to be slow going, because our procrastination goes beyond that. Some of us are incredibly, obsessively, driven...if it's a project we want to work, fingers crossed that we can keep up on maintenance of all that is required. I figure we can do something positive with our time, we can try. (you hear that...)

If you have suggestions for us regarding this new venture, please let me know...I could use all the help I can get...

~ Ivy (and et al)

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  1. I'm offering you my help with your website, Frankie (and the Et Al). I'm not sure how much time I can offer, but perhaps my librarian side can be helpful on your newest site. I'm delighted that this is being started, maybe if we have one, cental location for our mental health stories, we can help each other live like we want to live. This is so wonderful, Frankie, and I want to help.