Friday, January 11, 2013

Eating Habits...

This will just make you angry, James. So don't read it.


No, seriously...don't.

If you are reading THIS sentence, then just know, if you get upset, and we have a will push many buttons. If you sulk, because you didn't take our advice, and refuse to let us know why you are sulking, then you will push so many more.

This is a food and weight related entry, about us.

With some time to think, for a couple of days now...

We're detecting a pattern.

During the day we don't eat very much, when we are alone. Just like the old days. When we can use our time how we like, we don't eat as much. When we sit around...doing what we think we should be doing to spend time with other people...we eat. And it's not just in a relationship; and we eat so much; and we want to eat so much. We just want to stuff our face.

We're not sure what this means yet. We're looking into it.

But off the cuff, if you were to ask, we don't get bored, so we eat when we're uncomfortable, anxious, and depressed.

God, we're just the fucking best...

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