Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Three Times A Charm?

It's the third property we've put an offer on since June. After spending six months holding our for the Weeping Willow property.

It wasn't even the house we went to the small nearby town to see, but driving in we saw the sign, and the agent had too, and he called the number before he met us at the the house we had originally gone there to see (a total fucking disaster, priced nearly $15,000 over the price of the one we put an offer on).

We were lucky to get into this house, last minute.

We fell in love with it before we hit the second floor. Large kitchen, usable, we could upgrade it (and we will) but it really doesn't have to be, if we didn't want to. Dining room...high ceilings and original wood floors and moulding from 1910. Living room...same original floors and moulding  and small French doors to close off the front hall/entry. All the woodwork, original to the house; but newer windows, new siding, new roof...new hot water furnace (unfortunately hot water baseboard), newly insulated basement...a basement that is functional.

There are three bedrooms (and a small bonus room) on the second floor, one and a half baths (the half is closet-small, but whatever, it's on the main floor), Even the stairs are original, and in good condition. The plaster walls are original, and in amazing condition. The same family has owned it pretty much since it was built, and took care of it. The lot? 15,000 square feet. And an empty lot next door that can probably be purchased. We see a garden...and a garage...to be built. But mostly..No Renovations Needed! (only merely a kitchen [and bathroom]desire)

We think, and James agrees, no room screams "Frankie's Painting Studio" (The Frankie Cave),  but we'll just make those rooms scream anyway.

It's a 35 minute commute to the city, but the way we figure, in a large city, it takes that much time just to sit in traffic anyway. It is interstate driving, and we are "gun-shy" with all the semi-trucks that travel it (because of our car accident)...but, suck it, Buttercup, right?

It's a small town (population around 1500), with many of the original business buildings circa 1910. It's a charming commuter town. It has a spot for fishing in the park (we love fishing), it's...well. It's where we hope to call home.

We put an offer on it tonight. Three times a charm, right?

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