Monday, January 14, 2013

An Afternoon Ditty On Gun Control

There was a time anybody who wanted to could drive a car, no age limit - then you had to get a license, and they imposed speed limits, rules and regulation to make driving safe for everyone.

There was a time anybody could smoke cigarettes, no matter the age. Then they learned about health risks associated with smoking, and regulated it so only people over a certain age could buy/smoke them.
Then they learned about harmful second-hand smoke is, and regulated where you could smoke them.

There was a time when drugs like cocaine was put into Coca Cola, and most manor of drugs (the non-alcohol, non-nicotine, non-caffeine type) were legal to use - Then they learned of risks associated with using them...mostly to the person using them of course. So they outlawed them. (but now in some states regulate marijuana)

There was a time anybody, at any age, could drink alcohol...then came prohibition, and when that was over, tighter regulation.

Many of those things are dangerous if misused/overused/abused, to the person using it, and often to people around them, in a variety of ways.

That doesn't mean the people abusing these substances are mentally ill, does it?

Sure, these rules/regulations are broken everyday by irresponsible people and children, because "bad people will do bad things anyway, so it won't help", but that has never meant we, as a society, refused to regulate them.

That doesn't mean we should make access to purchase, and use them, easier.

As a matter of fact over history better regulation (and awareness) has reduced the issues associated with them.

Now, let's talk about gun regulation, and why we don't need it...?

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