Thursday, January 24, 2013

Offer Accepted

The final offer we submitted on the house was accepted last night, we have e-mail confirmation of the acceptance from the seller's agent, with a minor contingency (we may have to move the close date, which was originally for the 11th of February, back because there are currently tenants in the house), but most of us are waiting to get really excited until the ink is dry, or there is ink.

We lost our dream property, Weeping Willow, this past fall after the ink was dry, and after we dumped cash into inspections, so we have grounds for being skeptical. James is hardly acknowledging it as good news. He tend to be very skeptical, and conservative with his happiness and excitement.

In the meantime, we're just ready to move out of The Mother's house. It's long past due. James has a good job now, and even though we're still looking for (another) part-time job we are confident we'll find something soon. We had an interview yesterday with an agency that will no doubt produce a position for us at some point.

Yay for moving ahead with life again!

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