Monday, January 14, 2013

Not An Exciting Entry

It felt like a long weekend.
James worked a bit on Saturday, then we put in counter offer to the house we're trying to buy.
Then it was a lot of...nothingness.

It feels like it took a long time to get to today.

Tonight we're going to test drive a "new" vehicle. A 4x4, because the car we are currently driving (a '98 Mercury Mystique) is not reliable on the interstate in the winter. The steering is loose, it's got some minor operating issues, and the tires, while new, have to have air added to them every three days; ultimately we don't feel safe on the interstate with it. Since the town where we plan to buy a house is nearly 40 miles south on the seems logical to get a vehicle that makes us feel safe.

So we're looking at the make and model of the kind that we were in the car accident with back in '04, that pretty much saved our life, even without air-bags. We're hoping it is as good as it sounds on paper, if only because the drive is over an hour, and we will likely be coming back in the dark. We do NOT do well on the interstate, especially in the winter, and at night. We're getting better though, nearly 8 years later. We'd probably have no worries at all anymore, if we didn't have a daily reminder (pain) of how unexpected things can happen at high speeds, when you're feel safe.

Not an exciting entry (for you, anyway), but...let's call it a warm up exercise for this week.

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