Monday, January 7, 2013

Late Night Edition

Yeah, we already wrote tonight. So this is the "Late Night" edition.

We haven't slept well since Friday night; which is the last time, before tonight, that we imbibed (in alcohol).

For months now we have ceased drinking on the weekend, at James' request - he doesn't like when we drink, which usually coincides with us watching the news channels, and playing around on Twitter (he hates American news, and he hates Twitter) - and so other than the 6-7 hours we spend during the day with him during the week (from waking until 5pm), on weekends, we spend all of our extra time with him.

We can't sleep on the weekends.
We want to, but we toss and turn all night, waking at least every hour with nightmares, anxiety, sweats, worries. Some of it might have to do with the time we spend sitting in bed on the weekend, because The Mother and Stepdad are home, and so we relinquish the main floor to them when we can. We should relinquish it more, but sitting in bed just makes our back hurt; which is probably one of the reasons we toss and turn. It just makes our back hurt.

So, we don't sleep on weekends very much. It's a long time in bed, tossing and turning. Sure, we could turn to Twitter with our insomnia - but that's what we did in the "old days"...and this is the "new days"...

Tonight, we've been drinking. And we'll sleep. And I'm crying, because...we might have a problem.

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