Monday, January 7, 2013

Change Afoot...and a Brief Film Review

Tomorrow we'll be looking at a promising house with a nice big yard 35 miles from the city.
Really promising. Plus, we're growing desperate...

The biggest news is that James starts work on Wednesday (!) which means changes. Changes in our online time, changes in our free time, and once (not "if", because we ARE moving...sometime) we move, it means painting time. Time to write more. Time to cook more. All the things we've mentioned before.

This weekend we went to see, hands-down, the best film we've seen in at least two years. Django Unchained. It's the new film written and directed by Quinton Tarantino. A real modern day film great.

With elements of Sergio Leone, an Italian director recognised from his writing and directing of the great "spaghetti-westerns" starring Clint Eastwood known as The Good, The Bad and The Ugly; A Fist Full of Dollars; and A Few Dollar More - and Tarantino's own fantastic direction, clever dialogue writing skill, and overall flair for creating graphic violence - the script and direction was simply...breathtaking. Pulling from American history, and treating it with his special twist; everything from the dialogue, to the action, to the cast itself, was perfection. It was almost like the script was written for the actors.

It's been awhile since he's done a film that we so wholly approved of. It tugged at every emotion in the human spectrum, but mostly made us want to watch the two-and-a-half hour movie again immediately.

So. Anyway. We went to see that on Saturday, and followed it up with a very disappointing meal at a local restaurant known locally for things we just can't agree with; and known by us, for it's ridiculous prices (for what is offered) and disappointing menu. We thought we'd give it a second chance. Second chances usually end up disappointing.

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