Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tweets of Life Poetic

Just something light, and humorous. Sorta. Ramble, really. Pure drivel.

It's not unusual for us to write 140 characters of poetry on Twitter, off the cuff, in the moment. We actually find that often it's some of our better works of poetry/prose. Frequently it's inspired by life, both the past and the present, and a triggered moment, feeling, or memory. It's never planned, no more than 99.9% of our other Tweets.

Somebody asked us today how long we were up last night writing a particular piece of prose/poetry we had just Tweeted.

There wasn't really a great way to reply, so we deleted what we had written. We've been thinking about it all day. We were actually a bit appalled that someone would think our Tweets that contrived.

If we write poetry when we're not on Twitter, it goes in a Word Document, and you've yet to see it until we feel it ready for our poetry blog. But if we're on Twitter, and the mood strikes, if inspiration falls into our lap, if our muse yanks our goes in a Tweet. Plus, we're always on Twitter, whether by mobile device or laptop; and do you know how long it takes our laptop to boot up and open a Word Document? Forget about it. All inspiration would be lost waiting for that.

It's a fun challenge, most of us think, to have a feeling, an emotion, or a memory, and some words, and a 140 character limit.

So, if you see our poetic Tweets. You're the first people to read those words. Later, we go back, and we copy them in a Word Document; and there they will stay until we can sew them together 140 characters (or less) at a time, and maybe one day make them better, together.

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