Saturday, May 11, 2013

Shit We Wrote

Nothing better to blog about tonight than crap we write on Facebook...

In response to the status posted by a FB Friend Named Peter: "The Great Gatsby...A for effort. Didn't quite hit the high mark of the book, though."
"The thing that will make it a hit is that so few people remember the book, and/or bought "Cliff's Notes" to pretend they read it in high school to pass the tests; it's glitzy, and glamorous, and has Leonardo DiCaprio in it (and trendy Hip Hop music)
America will swoon. It will be nominated for rewards. The sheep will happily bleat.
Meanwhile, the world burns from the inside out.
MSNBC has been practically masturbating over it the last two days, for something not actual news, it seems to be something we're supposed to ingest."
We obviously plan on seeing it at some point;  it's an iconic book (adaption), like 'Romeo and Juliette' and 'Great Expectations' and 'The Grapes of Wrath' (by the way, someone should do a remake of that one), and so many others...; and a couple of us love movies.

But seriously, it's really weird that MSNBC has been talking about it so much (we actually get to watch a little TV during work hours, and actually watched news most of the day during work)...we have to see it, just to figure out the angle.

Nobody said we're normal. We're also not crazy.

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