Wednesday, May 15, 2013

"Free Man"

James' interview (and ours) with Immigration was yesterday in Minneapolis.

They separated us (him, and the us), and asked questions about our relationship now, and our relationship in the past; from how we met, to what day garbage day was in the house we shared, to what colour the bedroom walls were and more.

He was VERY nervous, you could almost see his heart pounding as we came out of our meeting and sent him in, kissing him on the lips, he looked like a deer in the headlights. (he is a worrier, over-thinks things, gets very flustered under pressure, and while confident, questions himself at the first indication that he may be incorrect.) Luckily we had a very nice woman who knew our lawyer well. (the lawyer sits in on both interviews)

They approved him, so now he is a "free man", he says, because he can travel outside of the USA now) - but he's ours, hahahaha!.
He wasn't allowed to leave the country until this momentous occasion (as per immigration law one is not allowed to leave the country while their petition is pending). In two years we have to file another set of paperwork (and pay more fees) to be approved for 10 years; but that's nothing compared to the money, paperwork, and diligence (extensive proof, letters from people who know us as a couple, photos, receipts, ect, a folder detailing proof of "a" relationship) that was required for this first step.

We hugged our lawyer goodbye at the train station. She was probably our best decision ever; worth every penny and restored our faith in lawyers.

We've learned a lot about immigration process through this experience. It's amazing what people will go through to legally be in this country...for whatever reason they choose to be here - and also no shock that some (many) choose to go about it illegally. It's both expensive, and a paperwork nightmare, even with English as a first language. One wrong step and you can be banned from the states for years.

*sigh of relief*

Now...on to the rest of our life.


  1. Yay! Commence Happy Dance! :)

  2. Congrats! Similar to our experience in that I couldn't travel to the UK until my visa was approved. And I have to reapply in another 2 years.

    I'm happy for Yous and this happy news. Yay for whatever your combined travel plans may be! Freeeeeeeeeedoooooom! Except without the evisceration.