Thursday, May 9, 2013

Worst Blog Post

Did we ever mention our massage therapist skipped the state a couple of months ago?

This week we're really missing her. Well, not HER (she was a weak minded GOP birther, and deeply religious, and beyond that we had even less in common with her)...but we miss her hands. Our muscles ache after only two days of work so far this week, right to the core. Literally a single touch to our body makes us want to melt. SO much tension, on the surface, and deep.

It's hurt to breathe for a couple of days now.

But we're not here to bitch about pain.

We've been engrossed in people's judgement and hate the last few days, as the final days of the Jodi Arias case become splattered across the news channels. It's not the case itself, which people are apparently finding "scandalous" and "salacious"...we're enthralled with people's behaviour regarding the case....

Regardless of her guilt, the vengeance of the public is appalling, but at least it's inspiring...
Even last week:
As you may guess, overall we're not a fan of the death penalty. The reasons vary, depending on which one of us you ask...

This has officially been one of our worst blog posts.

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