Tuesday, May 7, 2013

First Day At A New Job

Our first day at the new job was good. It's enjoyable enough work, not working with the public, not dealing with retain or working in fast food.
The back pain in the first few hours wasn't so great, sitting in the work truck wishing it would go numb we knew it could be worse.
Then we got back to the office and busied ourselves with stuff and tried not to think about it.

The job is physical, but we're going to try not to focus on the eventual pain, just focus on the mental part of it all, instead of the physical part of it. There are a lot of numbers and things to remember...we're not always good with that kind of thing.

It'd be nice if over the counter pain killers were enough, so we could take them at work; but years of experience have proven that when the desiccated disks, protrusions and tears in our spine become an issue there's really nothing that can help, without insurance and prescription pain medications. Then, even if we had the insurance, would we want a lifetime of pain medication dependency?  It seems easier to grit our teeth, cry, close our eyes and ride through it...at least until we're physically older.

The hours are so flexible, and the pay so good, we feel fortunate to have gotten the job.

So, that was our first day at a new job. As much as we're allowed to say, anyway.

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