Friday, May 31, 2013

Another Tweetup

Going to another Tweetup, (in Canada! London, Ontario, to be exact - and we're driving many hours to do so) but we're not at all involved in the planning which means it should be more fun for us...we can hope.

It's are last one...we promise. *crosses fingers behind back*

We've been feeling very on edge and even the better of us have been feeling stressed...

After having a house guest for two days (which we loved, because we adore @cool_jesse), then two days of a Tweetup, and then long car rides (not alone) and James having Monday off with work before and after'd been almost an entire week or more since we've had time to ourselves.

It'll be nice to have the next four days with plenty of time to sleep, relax, (clean), hopefully paint a little, maybe write, and log extra time on the elliptical.  James works all weekend and on Monday, so that means some breathing room. Not that we don't enjoy him being around, most of us's just..nothing beats alone time.

It's been raining and we've been busy so we haven't been able to break the ground for the new garden plot. If we don't do it soon we'll have to wait until next year, which sucks because we have a drawer full of seeds.

See, we're this boring. Bet we could put you to sleep at a Tweetup.

Have a great weekend.

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  1. Nothing beats alone time. After interaction with others, I feel a need to retreat and recharge. I don't find you guys boring in the least. Have fun in Canada!