Sunday, June 2, 2013

Never Too Late, Two Days Short and A Psych Week Special on Discovery

We missed Psych Week on Discovery Health and Fitness, which is probably better for us, because we have a hard time dealing with watching some types of programming like that.

We did nothing in the way of writing for Mental Health Month, which is May every year, and now it's June. It's JUNE! So, we're going to try to make up for slacking in May...maybe. Today we will anyway.

Flipping TV channels drinking coffee this morning we hit on this Discovery Health Special from Psych Week very briefly, and there was a touching scene where they brought a whole bunch of kids diagnosed with mental illness together for Jani's birthday.

At that moment it occurred to us that a lot of people think "severely" mentally ill people "have a look" (beyond the now becoming garden-variety anxiety, depression, bipolar/manic depression, and other illnesses that don't involve psychosis) or should somehow seem obviously "off" or "different"; it's a really heartbreaking stigma, We know that it's usually because of how Hollywood portrays "the insane" or "crazy", or people being uneducated about the more "obscure" of mental illnesses. You can't see mental illness.

When it comes to how people view adults with severe mental illness many assume those with afflicted become committed to a mental hospital or life on the streets, and indeed that happens, but not as much as many would assume.

The truth is a huge amount of people with mental illness where psychosis is involved live normal lives, look normal, have jobs, have families, have educations of all levels. They do everything "normal" people do.
But then some don't.
It's important to realize that everybody with the same mental illness aren't the exactly same...

Now we're is a really great video about children with mental disorders, everything from schizophrenia to dissociative identity disorder to autism to a wide range of other things, it touches lightly on what their lives are like and how their parents deal with it.

Give it a chance, learn some things.
(Link, because it leaks over the the edges here

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