Thursday, June 13, 2013

People Like Us...

Recently, or not so recently, we suppose, we've become more aware, through social media, that other Systems (other people with Dissociative Identity Disorder) feel "alone", and somehow need the compassion, encouragement, "companionship" of other people "like them" (no, M, we're not talking about you)...and we mostly just don't understand that. Maybe we've always been ignorant to those feelings in us, but lonely, especially, is not something we're familiar with.

Our system was created, most at very young ages, to protect us in the face of trauma and abuse, to surround our mind with the protection we needed; and while some may think it unfortunate that it (the way our brain functions) followed us into adult life, it is, while at times a curse, also a blessing

It's hard for us, in general we don't want to have anything to do with people "like us". We have a low tolerance for their neediness, their desire to fit in with other people like them, their insipid loneliness and obsessive need to broadcast nothing but their mental health issues.

For real, what would most of us even have in common with a System like that...

We don't remember the last time we were lonely. We DO remember it's always been fun and nice to have an outlet to put words and thoughts into...but we have each other for that loneliness, and that's all we've ever really needed in all these many years.

Guess we're just bitches to have (so much skepticism and) such a low tolerance and trust for so many people.

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