Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Painting Season

Tree of Life Sketch
(sorry about the stain)
Ink on Paper
We've been busy trying to finish three paintings; two that we started nearly two years ago before we moved back to the states, and one that was started out as a drawing last summer (Tree of Life) when we were on a road-trip to the East Coast. We've made it a rule that we have to finish them before we stretch the rest of the canvases in waiting, or start another painting. (there's actually two other paintings to finish in addition to the three mentioned...:-/)

While painting we certainly have blog posts rattling around in our noggin, but painting is more about deep introspection and communication with each other.
So for now the blog posts will likely be short and sweet as we work on paintings. (For a full online portfolio of our other artwork and photography from the last 15-20 years please see: (it's easier than bumping around this place trying to locate it all)

Oh, yeah, next week this time we'll be leaving for a road trip to a Tweetup in London, Ontario, Canada!
We're pretty excited about stepping foot in that great country once again.

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