Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Government Spies With Its Giant Eye...


It's funny how much we love freedom, but we (most of us) could care less about the government tapping our phone lines, or knowing what we look at on the internet. As a citizen with nothing nefarious to hide, we're not really concerned.

Guess that's what happens when you have very little to hide; and they've been doing it for so long that if we haven't raised flags yet then what's to worry about. They've been tapping phone lines almost since the invention of phones - research Senator McCarthy, President Truman and "Red Scare"...(you might even be able to find info on how Walt Disney was part of the fun) They started tapping phone lines almost less than 75 years after phones were invented.

Do you think they're really interested about how many cat memes you look up, or Someecard images, or that picture of you drinking half naked at your buddy's house, the Tweets about how you're horny, your Facebook status about how much you love your husband (and the subsequent Tweet about what an asshole he is) or your tit/dick pics? Probably not what they're looking for.

But, maybe if you're planning on overthrowing the government, or blowing some shit up...maybe then you don't want them to read about that.

Now, we could personally care less about the government trying to "protect" us from terrorists; but we'd wager that a lot of the people all freaked out about the government using surveillance techniques on it's citizens to try to prevent terrorism (allegedly) are the same who are absolutely outraged that terrorist attacks happen.

How do you want the government to try to prevent terrorist attacks like the Boston Marathon Bombing...Ouija Boards, prayer, psychics...magic?

It's all just not surprising, the surveillance; other than it's surprising people are acting all outraged over what is pretty much old news. The protocol for surveillance was passed under the Patriot Act in 2001, and has been passed countless times by Congress. It's been common knowledge for over 10 years. know...just fucking pay attention all the time, not just when you want to be outraged by something you think is the fault of the political party, that's in office, that you hate.



  1. For the most part I agree. Security requires some sacrifice of personal freedom, and limited disclosure of the techniques used gather information on suspected terrorists is in everyone's best interest. Anyone who doesn't think the government has been gathering information about them their whole lives should request a copy of their own FBI file.. they may be suprised. I also like that people are showing concerns about their digital footprints when they suspect the government is looking at them, but are perfectly OK with random Joe citizens being able to monitor their daily movements, purchases, and even their significant life events through voluntary disclosure of personal information through the use of social media. it's like we're totally OK with letting a pedofile use Facebook updates and Google maps to plan abduction and escape routes, but not OK with having gps locators injected into our bodies for we can be rescued. It's the slippery slope of trust, and for me it's about having the confidence in the judgement of those charged with keeping me safe not to abuse it. Let's be honest, nothing digital is ever completly secure, and weather we disclose it voluntarily or via court order it is all out there to be had by those who really want it. Great Post!

  2. Great reply! You hit the nail on the head perfectly! Thank you. :-)