Sunday, June 16, 2013

Stress Ramble Rumble

We're starting to stress out about University classes, and the thought of trying to juggle them with working (until October 15th), and a personal life.

We can hear people go "Oh, well I took 18 credits and worked full time [and walked up a fucking hill both ways in the snow wearing cats on my feet and no pants just to get there] PLUS got straight A's!":...but guess what, we're not you. Not a single one of us are you. Nobody should ever expect people to be like them...(we're always trying to remind each other of that...)

It doesn't help that over an hour a day will be devoted to driving back and forth from home to school/work.

(last time we went to University we didn't work, just devoted time to studying)

Maybe there's some sort of hands free app assistant (Dragon, perhaps, for writing papers on the go), or audio version of our textbooks, that we can use while we drive just to squeeze in an hour of homework on the way home.

We're just trying not to stress about University...just yet; except that most of the financial aid info hasn't cleared yet, so we might not be able to afford it...and that'll be NO GOOD.

Anyway, a beautiful (hopefully) summer upon us, we've been sticking to our workout routine pretty well (which is totally helping our mental state, in general), we've got 3/4 of the gardens planted, and have a couple of summer trips planned (We leave Wednesday evening for the London Ontario Tweetup!)...oh, and fishing!!! So let's just find the balance and blow out all the stress...for now.

Today's Fight Song:

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  1. I want to punch people who refer to what they were able to do and then assume you should do the same. Fuck that noise. It's not easy, but I believe in the ability that resides inside the beautiful beings that make The physical fitness stuff is an essential therapy for me. Gives me an hour where I just have to focus on not dying.


    If you need help with school stuff, I am just a click away.