Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Secret(s) That We Ke[e]p-t

This happened a year ago a park, far far away.

We said I Do.

And outside of this blog post it's never been mentioned here, or anywhere (except to a select few people on social media that we [thought we could] trust), for a variety of reasons...and it nary will again...probably.

One year. The poor poor man...

[apologies to people who may be hurt that we never told was nothing personal, and most times it was out of a feeling of necessity...and we meant to tell people a lot sooner...and...we're done making excuses...:-(...]


  1. *Cue the happiest of happy dances ever*
    So adorable. Sometimes secrets are necessary, and no excuses are necessary. Now, go have wild naked monkey love with that wonderful man!


  2. How wonderful! Happy anniversary!!

  3. You're both still too cute not to be disgusting. Marriage just ups the yak factor.
    In another 25 or so years, you'll be almost as hideous as Charlie and me.