Monday, May 27, 2013


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The Tweetup happened.
It was, overall, a fun time.
Apparently things went on.

The best advice for you if you want to know details is to ask the person you are hearing things about to confirm potentially horrid lies to defame a person's character. You know how Twitter is with that. Don't be a sheep and follow the herd.

Having said that, we'll tell you ALL about our foibles of the weekend.

We were the girl who told another girl we had blocked her (she brought it up) because we didn't like her Tweets, because she kept talking about (and they aren't meant to be jokes) her fake multiple personalities [disorder]and she feigned understanding how rude that might seem to someone who struggles with it; but then the next day there was a fresh Tweet about her personalities on her timeline and people were just eating up with how sorry she felt for herself.
After she decided to go out to the second night, much to our displeasure, we were still just as kind to her as we could muster - and we didn't have to be. Nobody really has to be nice to anybody. Right before we left we told her, because we needed her to make sure someone important to us made it back to the hotel, straight up that after the previous night we were thinking of following her, until we saw that Tweet. So, if she thinks it's us at the Tweetup who was being some sort of judgmental bitch, then yeah, fine....sorry for judging you for faking a mental illness that we deal with in life, on Twitter...yeah...we're the bad guys here (it doesn't matter if you actually have about that, don't fake something else), you're the "victim".

Also, we were the girl(s) having a mental breakdown at Gay 90's for about an hour. It had nothing to do with anybody there, it was all our thing, our issue, our problem. We left (at 1am) because our contacts got dried out from crying, not because we wanted to.

Over the two days we tried not to take sides with any little squabbles (there was no fighting that we witnessed), which was easier for the second night because half of the Tweetup attendees decided they didn't even want to join the rest of the Tweetup, and had their own gathering in another part of Gay 90's.
We never actually got to meet a couple of Tweeters we really had wanted to meet, that we had been following for at least 2 years and who we had actually had conversations with over Twitter over the years. So, that was disappointing.

As far as scandalous things at the Minneapolis Tweetup...there were things we saw and knew that happened...but we're keeping out mouth shut. You can kiss whoever you want, we won't tell, even if we don't approve.
You want more information on something you heard, go to the person you hear it about.

All in all we went through a few hours on Sunday saying we're never going to another Tweetup again...but, we just might...and try another attempt at being fucking normal. You never know.


  1. I like the idea of Tweetups, but also know they are not for me (my wife/ us). We are "real" with regard to what we share on Twitter, but always assume no one else is. it would be different if we were only meeting people we have both been talking to for years and developed some sort of personal connection with (like those you regret not seeing). Personally, I don't understand why people would want to attend a social event with strangers and not put their best foot forward. Thanks for sharing, but next time we want some dirt B-)

  2. Many of the people who were there ARE themselves on Twitter, which was the nice thing...and also...the not so nice thing. The small group we had was great though.

    Our desire for Tweetups is simply because we don't socialize often (by choice), but used to...used to host large parties and attend large parties, and sometimes we wish for a know, just to remember why we don't do that anymore :-)

    We'll try for some dirt next time. ;-)