Friday, May 3, 2013


We left the house today, and walked to the post office.
For an hour before we left, at least, and for the first 5 minutes out the door, we felt like we wanted to curl into a ball, cry and scream. Our chest felt heavy, an uncomfortable rage was welling inside. We wanted to vomit angrily.

It passed, but the feeling up until it did made us...there is no real words to explain it passed what we just did.
Why does it have to feel like that sometimes?

Our chest, back, and shoulders held a lot of pain today. It physically hurt to breath and move for most of the afternoon. It didn't stop us from our elliptical workout, but it made it less enjoyable.

We start our new job on Monday...

We're not nervous...not really. It's not nervous, this's...

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