Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Last Saturday Gin Test

It's the last Saturday in The Mother's house. James works until close, and so, to celebrate we will be enjoying some cocktails for the first time in many weeks, on a Saturday.

Okay, by cocktails we mean Gin.

Instead of a movie or music review, or a food entry, we thought a sort of alcohol review was in order for the blog. Something fun.

We're testing out a new less-expensive Gin called New Amsterdam tonight. It's an American Gin, as opposed to the British Tanqueray that we usually drink. It boasts itself as a refreshing modern balance with hints of Juniper and notes of Angelica. They use the word "sophisticated". We'll see about that.

The New Amsterdam is over $10 cheaper for the same volume of bottle we usually buy of Tanqueray (1.75L); so due both to an tightening of the purse strings, and an experimental streak we're feeling today, we decided tonight we'll give it a whirl, see if our palate can handle it, and if we wake up with a headache from a "lesser quality" spirits. (Gin of high quality comes from Europe, in our opinion; they even have four different legal classification for Gin, whereas in America there are far less classifications, and we imagine lesser general standards.)

In any case, Gin on the rocks, stirred with a knife, as usual. (we've grown to dropping out the lime wedge these days)

Come back after tonight and we'll post our opinion here.

Have a fun and happy Saturday. Cheers!

The New Amsterdam Gin turned out to be a good purchase. It did have a little heavier taste than we're accustomed, but nothing we can't get used to. The finish was reminiscent of a good quality cough syrup, or perhaps even a bit of a Galliano (a very specific sweet Italian herbal liqueur), which might sound unappealing, but unable to detect the specific flavour that was so familiar it was the best we could come up with.

It's no Tanqueray or Bombay, but for under $20 (on sale) for a 1.75L bottle, it makes our wallet smile.

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