Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day...From a Valetine's Day Semi-cynic

Corporations put a lot of pressure on people for holiday's. And Valentine's Day is no different.

Sure Holidays can be fun, (Probably? We're not too into Holiday celebrations...we hear there are people who really get into them) but when it comes to Valentine's Day the pressure is mostly on the men; those poor sods who don't pick up on the hints, and the winks, while their pocketbook squirms and there head pounds with confusion. It's damn expensive, emotionally mentally financially, and less than two months after Christmas no less.

Everybody celebrate things differently, but why make him spend hundreds of dollars on flowers, candy, taking you out, jewellery, etc. Are you really that shallow? Those things don't mean love anyway, if you're smart you'd realize that.

We asked James not to get us anything, like with all holidays. We're not big on gifts. We generally LOVE to give them, but the receiving of them always make us feel awkward and uncomfortable.

We know some people try to say "If she says she doesn't want anything, she's lying"; but sometimes she's not, and anybody who knows their mate can tell when that is.

We bought James a bag of heart shaped pink and white marshmallows. Less than $3. He loves marshmallows like, loves LOVES them. He'd sit and eat a whole bag on his own (and then complain about his belly ache).

Last year, when we were living in England with him briefly, we made him a sandwich platter while he was at work. A variety of sandwiches with different meats, cheese, spread and vegetables - they were amazing (well, he didn't think the ox tongue was super, but he ate it anyway). Pretty sure none of the meats we bought were horse...

This year he works until near 8pm, so we made him burgers for dinner last night instead of something today. We had hoped to be in the new house by now (the original closing date was for the 11th of this month) so we could have a little more "romantic" of an evening, but it took longer for the price to be agreed on and the paperwork to be signed, so alas...two more weeks to go.


The Valentine's Day Burger of Love...
Hand formed beef patty (with Worcestershire and liquid smoke in the patty mix), Provolone cheese, bacon,  sautéed onions, fried mushrooms, tomato and Artisan lettuce on a sesame seed bun.
It's the little things, like a touch, or taking out the garbage, washing the dishes, feeding the cats...or a home-made burger - not giant amounts of money spent once a year, that convey love.

Happy Valentine's Day, readers. May your Valentine's Day wishes come true, no matter what they are.

And remember, if you find yourself without a loved one today, there are worse things than being alone, it's not just something people say to make you feel better on this day. And love on Valentine's Day doesn't always have to mean romantic love. Friends, Family, Pets...they all probably appreciate your love.

Remember, it's just a massively exploited holiday for corporate gain. Real love can be free and expressed every day. (*gags*)

Ivy, C & C and et al


  1. It looks like an excellent burger. Hope you had a good one.