Monday, February 4, 2013

Back To A Life Unplanned

Saturday we got our official acceptance letter from the University we applied for. They have all our transcripts from all our other Colleges and Universities and are re-admitting us to their's.
So, it's officially official.

In typical form we already have our classes chosen for our first new Semester. The minute we got the letter with the information we were logging into the University website, and copying over the list of classes we knew we had to to take, and wanted to take, that we had in a spreadsheet, to our account planner. Then picking the first ones to take in the Fall. Classes start the end of August for our first semester. Sometimes we're a giant geek.

When all our credits from various Universities, and Culinary School, got transferred we actually came out on top of the 125 credit requirement for a Bachelor Degree, however...we still have GERs (General Education Requirements - basic modules of study that the University requires in order to grant one a degree) to complete; 12 Science, Math and Tech (with at least 4 of Lab time) credits to fulfill [ICK], 3 credits of English, and 3 credits of World Cultures. Plus 36 credits of Upper Level (300-400) courses. Of course we'll have to meet with our advisor to make double sure...but it does seem right.

Dang. We were so close to having only a year left. We're going back to finish our Degree in Communication, and initially thought we would had three years left anyway, because of the uncertainty of how the credits from the three and a half years at other institutions would transfer, so...*shrugs*. If we pursue the minor in Visual Arts that we want (which we only need 12 additional specific credits for)...well, it's going to take three years.

What else is there to do though, really. The job market is slim without a 4 year degree under your belt, no matter how much work, life and educational experience one has; and because of our back problems our Culinary education is only so handy, not to mention the restaurants in this area pay minimum wage, and we can't justify the pain involved for minimum wage.

Rather than make too much of a long-term plan about what to do after three years and a shiny new degree, we've resolved with James to make a plan, to make a two and a half. Experience dictates that planning doesn't pan out well, and leads to disappointment and stress. Though there will VERT highly likely be a move involved, since none of us are thrilled with our current geographical location.

In the meantime, back to a life unplanned.
It feels comfortable here.

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