Friday, February 15, 2013

The Weekend Upon Us

We spend a lot of the week on the internet. Most people recognize this. Like, a lot. It's always at our fingertips, no matter where we are.

So on the weekend we compromise, we spend most of the two days with James; we shy from Twitter, we don't blog (unless it's a "therapeutic emergency"). We usually don't even power up our laptop. Of course we miss being online. We still play rounds of Words with Friends when we can, toss out an occasional social media message.

It's the least we can do, give him our weekends (when he's not working; sometimes he works weekends) seeing as how he gives us the freedom and respect we require and desire during the week. We also don't drink on the weekend, because he doesn't really like when we drink. (Shocking, right...?); and also, two days "clean" is probably pretty healthy for us, no?

Now the weekend is upon us. We'll be doing post-Valentine's Day stuff, which is to say we'll do the same things we usually do on the weekend, except James has requested that we go to a restaurant where people aren't wearing baseball caps. They don't do that in England, apparently.

We will also start packing this weekend - this is our second to last weekend in this house before the move to our own *fingers crossed* the house closing is coming fast. Those among us who hide a lot in this environment, too weak, sensitive, or overly hateful, to handle this house, are excited to break free...

Change approaches, and the weekend is upon us.

Have a beautiful one.

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