Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Bloody Devil Mistress: A Poem

It's been awhile, a poem in full from us. Bits and pieces, 140 characters, or less, at a time we managed to cobble together something new this week.

The muse has been yanking our hair at an increasing pace these days, so there is hope for more. We'll see.

We've been writing poetry for...so many years; since we were at least 14. So...oh, fuck, almost 20 years. All inspired by life events, feeling, emotions, desires, thoughts. As poetry should be. Most of the themes have not changed in all that time. We'd like to think the writing has become better though.

So, our newest...
Bloody Devil Mistress

There will never be enough years,
when every day we are his.
Separating this skin,
pulled from the bone,
worn down,
sin by intoxicating sin.

Fires lick at our feet;
we rush, in haste,
mistress to his desire.
Head to pillow falls,
sleeping to the sounds,
of a lusting demon choir.

Our muse may be the Devil;
sins bringing a blush to our cheeks.
There's no use in escaping him,
we'd be chewing restraints for weeks.

Heart brimmed with pain,
and a head full of chains;
yet, still nothing remains.

A vile gnarled ugly thing,
whence twisted rope we'll swing;
while the Devil dances,
splashing in our blood,
and Hell's angels chant and sing.
For more of our poetry: http://ourlifepoetic.blogspot.com/

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