Monday, February 25, 2013

This Has Been An Upbeat Entry

We went shopping yesterday and bought a new sofa for the house (which closes Thursday), had lunch (buffalo wings), went to a movie (Identity Thief), attended James' work event (bowling and pizza), and went to play pool (we sucked at it) with a handful of the people after. Stumbling in at roughly 2am we were happy, and a bit "tipsy". It was a long day and we survived it with very little anxiety. We haven't actually been out with people since...the Detroit Tweetup last May.

It was a really fun night. Even the part where we walked out onto a bowling lane to push a ball a guy (James' best work friend, who is a complete riot to hang out with) purposely got stuck in the gutter, and bit it. As in feet flying in the air, flat on our back. It was a perfect landing. We seriously didn't know they grease the lanes. We probably should have realized it, what with how they shine more than the rest of the floor. Sometimes we're not so smart. In any case, we met some great people, funny, interesting to talk to.

Can hardly wait until we fuck up those budding friendships...*sigh*

So this afternoon is the walk-through for the house. We'll measure stuff, and take pictures, and try to contain the overwhelming excitement building up inside. We'll be moving the first load of stuff Thursday afternoon and spending the weekend painting before the sofa arrives, and before we move all of our stuff from storage.

A wonderful and patient boyfriend, possible new friends, a new house all of our own - all we need is a job to sustain us until University classes start in the fall - it'll be like we're living a whole new life.

[This has been a horrible upbeat and positive blog entry...scary, right?]

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