Monday, October 8, 2012

Trying Not To Be Nervous...

Fall/Winter weather fluctuations do nothing for our back arthritis, and other myriad of back issues we have. We started being more concerned last night, as we laid in bed, tossing and turning and worrying about the upcoming move, the renovations and yard work that needs to be done, and how well our back will fare over the following years as we tend our large gardens and the animals we will raise for consumption. We worry we are being too optimistic about our ability to deal with the back pain.

There's a lot of work to be done on the house too, we are starting to focus too much on the sheer amount of work; so to calm our worries we had to remind each other that we know how to do this. We took a college course in building construction in high school (many years ago), as well as working for The Father in his construction company during high school, and we worked at a building center for two years during and after high school. In addition the last house we owned we did most of the bathroom renovation ourselves, gutting three layers of it's history, from floor to ceiling, which included tearing out an external wall that was rotted and rebuilding it, moving a window to a different wall, running electrical wiring from the basement and doing minor plumbing work to reroute the shower drain. So, some of us can do this. Or we have, and we hope we can again.

James renovated his bathroom and kitchen in his flat in England.

So, between him and us...we can do it. But it's still an ENTIRE house renovation...

If we could have afforded a property like the one we bought, with a finished house on it, we would have. But we had to compromise, and do what we have to do, to have the dream we want.

So, we're a little nervous.

There are fourteen days from today left until the closing on the house, in-between which there will be a a house inspection, a well inspection and a septic inspection, and then we will be moving to the country 5-6 hours from where we are now. We haven't lived in the country, on a farm, since we were 13 years old.

Just Call Us Nervous. (and excited, and OMG! We are finally getting our own place again!!!)

Sorry, dear readers...soon you will be reading a lot about our adventure...there is no running water in the house yet (something is wrong with the water where it comes in the house), we don't know if the furnace works (and there is no insulation in the attic yet), the electric needs to be redone...the entire one and a half story needs to be gutted, including replacing the windows and doors...and the yard and 40 acres has been untended for two years...

So, if you're into mental breakdowns, renovations and survival stories...mixed with the usual topics of health, food, politics (the VP Presidential debates are Thursday!), etc., of course...keep coming back.

This has been a very random blog post.

~ C et al

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  1. I will keep coming back, I can't wait to follow you on this adventure!