Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Biding More Time...

Well, the 20 acre property we were hoping would come through and stay on the market went off today. The Dream Property (Weeping Willow) remains sitting there.

We've been looking at the housing market for weeks, and heavily the last couple of days, and there is nothing desirable in our price range. So. We have decided to wait it out. By our calculations the property should fall into another lower price range that is negotiable by the end of December to mid-January. It's been decreasing in price steadily since June...and so we want to wait until either it goes off the market, OR we can fight for it...again.

At least two more months living in The Mother's basement...

In the meantime, James is looking for work, as are we. We applied for two jobs today. Part-time jobs, our back can't really handle much more than that in the environment we are trained to work in. We don't necessarily need to work, but it'll probably be nice to feel a step-above barely functioning...which is how we feel now, sometimes.

The third day at the gym went well. We feel we're on a path to better health... positive about doing what we've done so many times, even though there is certainly some mild concern about things being discussed in our head these days...some of our others who have been gone for the better part of a year are deciding more here. It's a fine balance...the promise of being fit-feeling again brings all of our crazies to the front yard, so to speak. (Sorry, we had to use that tired old joke format...we just had to!)

So, here's hoping for the best, a Part Time job for the Frankies that won't hurt the back too much more than it already hurts, continued visits to the gym and, of course, the waiting for that property...for two more months.

*fingers crossed*

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